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Brooke Shields is honest about aging and about Fraxel®

Actress and former model Brooke Shields reveals that she uses Fraxel® to reduce sun damage and sun spots. She also talks honestly about fine lines, age spots and her new project that she is very excited about.

Although Brooke has been known since she was a teenager, the 56-year-old is more excited than ever about the coming year. But why? Including Beginning Is Now, which Brooke launched last year. Beginning Is Now is a global community for women to learn how to enjoy life in their own way. She tells; “So many women I know are spinning in the most incredible way – starting a career, starting a business, quitting their job or learning skills.” They’ve had families, they’ve had their jobs, and they kind of say, ‘Okay, now what?’” She calls it a 360-degree wellness brand, with wellness as the destination and wellness as the road to get there.

While teen Brooke was obsessed with makeup and skincare, she also learned that a simple yet consistent routine is best. “My mother worked at the make-up counter in a department store. It made me so interested in everything from eye creams and masks to facials,” she says.

“We don’t really see our skin as an organ, but it is the largest organ in our body,” she says. “As I got older, I started to enjoy the idea that taking care of your skin isn’t a chore… It really doesn’t have to be 20 minutes, it could be seven minutes.”

Brooke’s (Fraxel) treatments

Thanks to a combination of professional treatments and tried-and-true products, she’s learned what works to keep her skin looking its best, while also remembering that your skin is there to age. “I’m going to Dr. Liz Hale for sun damage and sun spots, such as Fraxel. I mainly go to Dr. Macrene Alexiades for treatments such as peels and the Genesis treatment. Macrene removes a tattoo I have with a powerful laser treatment, but I don’t want to change the shape of my face; I just want the quality of my skin to be optimal. I have lines around my mouth, but when I touch them up, I don’t look like myself.” she tells.

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