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Is a Thermage FLX treatment suitable for you?

Are you looking for an innovative method to firm and rejuvenate your skin without surgical intervention? The Thermage FLX treatment could be exactly what you are looking for! In this article blog we discuss the ins and outs of this treatment, so you can determine whether it is suitable for you. We will also review the contraindications so that you are well informed before you decide to undergo this treatment.

What is a Thermage FLX treatment?

Thermage FLX is a non-surgical skin rejuvenation procedure that uses advanced radiofrequency technology to firm the skin, reduce wrinkles and stimulate collagen production. It is a popular choice for people looking for a safe and effective way to tackle the signs of aging.

Is the Thermage FLX treatment right for you?

Although Thermage FLX offers many benefits, it is important to know whether it is suitable for your specific situation. Here are some considerations:

  • Skin laxity: Thermage FLX is ideal for people with mild to moderate skin laxity. If you have severe skin laxity, another treatment such as a facelift may be more suitable.
  • Age: This treatment is suitable for adults of all ages who want to tackle signs of aging.
  • Health: Overall, Thermage FLX is safe for healthy individuals. However, if you have serious medical conditions, always discuss this with your treating physician.
  • Expectations: Realistic expectations are important. Thermage FLX can provide subtle, gradual improvements, but it will not cause a dramatic transformation like surgery can.


Although Thermage FLX is generally safe, there are some situations where it is not recommended:

  • Pregnancy and breastfeeding: It is not recommended to undergo the treatment if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.
  • Metal implants: If you have metal implants in the treatment area, this may affect the treatment. Discuss this with your treating doctor.
  • Active skin conditions: If you have active skin conditions, such as an infection or eczema, it is better to wait until these have healed before considering treatment.
  • Use of certain medications: Some medications can affect the treatment. Always discuss your medication use with your doctor.
  • Recent surgical procedures: If you have recently had a surgical procedure in the treatment area, you should wait until you have fully recovered before considering Thermage FLX.

It is always wise to have a comprehensive consultation with a certified and experienced skin therapist before making a decision about the Thermage FLX treatment. They can give you specific advice based on your situation..

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Remember to always seek professional advice before making any decision about skin rejuvenation procedures. After all, your skin deserves the best care! Do you have more questions or would you like more information? Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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