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The difference between Thermage and Thermage FLX?

When talking about skin tightening with Thermage, it may sometimes be referred to as ‘Thermage’ and other times as ‘Thermage FLX’. Why is that and what is the difference?

Different techniques

There is a difference in thermage treatments. After Thermacool TC, Thermage NXT and Thermage CTP, Thermage FLX is the 5th and latest generation of thermage technology. Thermage FLX uses the latest technologies to achieve better and faster results in the treatments.

Thermage always uses a non-invasive and painless treatment. Thermage FLX uses the latest bipolar radio frequency energy, which means that Thermage FLX has more control over the treatment itself, enabling better results. The treatment time of Thermage FLX is shorter than the previous Thermage techniques, this is because the FLX can deliver more simultaneous energy and therefore work faster.

Thermage FLX: The latest technology

Thermage FLX is more comfortable than the previous Thermage techniques, as it is equipped with an updated vibration function that reduces pain during treatment and makes it more comfortable for the client. Thermage FLX offers a better and faster result than the Thermage. It can treat more layers and penetrate deeper than the original Thermage, leading to better skin tightening and wrinkle reduction.

In short: Thermage FLX is an improved version of the original Thermage treatments, using updated technology to achieve better, faster and more comfortable results.

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